The SEA LION is a diesel powered 36ft. Maine Coaster.

NOW docked at Hoffman's Marina West, Brielle New Jersey.
Slip E6 . . . (only 150' from our former location)
Click here for map of Marina

The SEA LION has a heated cabin which allows for the year round diving
that the boat is known for.

The Sea Lion is licensed to 16 and is prepared for any kind of diving; check out dives, half-day and whole-day trips, lobster dives and artifact dives. Everyone from the beginner diver to the advanced technical mixed-gas diver, will find the SEA LION suitable for all their North East diving needs. Full charters are still available on a very limited number of days this year. Individual spots aboard can either be obtained through the shops that have us chartered or AWD itself on "OPEN BOATS" which normally run to specific destinations during the months of November through March.
The SEA LION features a stainless steel "T" ladder built by
Enrique of Diving Equipment Specialities. This 10 rung ladder will make boarding after your dive a pleasure.

US Coast Guard Certified



Adventures on-board the SEA LION

dog . . .
Nemo says . . . We're Back . . . .

This Past Week

Thursday the 23 rd – Morning 8:00am departure : We headed out and decided to try our luck on the Cranford, a 191' by 44' double ended ferry that was sunk as part of the then future Sea Girt artificial reef in 1982. There's a very nice article at on the Cranford and her sister ships and includes the history of the ferry line and a description of the railroad bridge incident as she was being brought in to Brielle to serve as a floating restaurant. She served up food from 1965 through 1979 and I remember seeing her as I went over the 35 bridge going down to Point as a kid. Currently she still serves up food but strictly fish and lobster. A good dive was had by all with mid fifties bottom temps. and bottom vis. of 15 to 20 feet, surface vis. was poor but it opened up on the bottom. I did do a shot-line on the way in but as sometimes happens the snag was sanded in and as such not very productive, still a great day on the ocean.

Thursday the 23 rd - Evening : Ocean Wreck Divers – After the great conditions on the morning dive I was really looking forward to the evening dive. When I got up from my nap I couldn't help but notice that the flags were straight out. We loaded divers from Ocean Wreck Divers on-board and headed out. How bad could it be after the perfect conditions that morning? Actually pretty bad, so bad in fact I ran less than a mile turned around and headed back in. Ahh..., North East diving you just never know.

Saturday the 25 th – Tridents – Fish The Tridents had a fairly light boat as several of those that had signed up for Saturday's dive ran into conflicts and obligations they couldn't get out of. I headed down to the Tracy in what were again perfect conditions with only six divers on-board. There was a fishing boat on it so I turned east for another 2 miles and we dove the Truro finishing there we ran back and anchored into the Tracy as she was no longer occupied and then did a shot line or two just west of the Tracy. The final score for the day was 8 lobster 5 sea bass and a very nice fluke. Not the best day for the Tridents but in that there were only three “Regular” Tridents and three “Legacy” (sons of regular members) divers they did all right.

Sunday the 27 th – Atlantic Wreck Divers – Off Shore Spring Lake wreck – The original plan was to go to the Bonanza, a lobster wreck off-shore of the Tolten. In that Gene was having trouble filling that destination he switched to the Arundo hoping to attract a few more hardy souls. By Saturday we were still light but decided to go anyway based on the great conditions. But again this wasn't the same ocean I left on Saturday, at 0630 it was already starting to blow with a prediction of “fresh to frightening” latter in the day. By five miles into the 18 mile trip to the Arundo it was obvious that an alternative destination was in order. I turned north and hooked into the Spring Lake wreck, an old sailing vessel that can produce artifacts for persistent diggers and lobsters and fish to those that are looking. Bottom temps were again in the mid fifties along with good bottom visibility. A few bits of brass came up along with indications that some of the sand may have moved off of the wreck. Another great day on the the ocean with good friends.


This Week

Saturday the 1 st – OPEN - 100> – Destination will be based on divers interest / the whims of the captain. I have several locations in mind including one that I haven't put divers on and several others that I haven't been to in quite awhile. If you have somewhere you would like to visit give me a call, I'm always open for suggestions, not that I always take them but I do enjoy listening to them.

Sunday the 2 nd – Lakeland Divers – Pinta 90'- The Pinta was a 194' two hold freighter that collided with the City of Perth (a considerably larger vessel) May 8 th 1963. At the time of the collision she was carrying a cargo of lumber. She went down on her side and for many years although picturesque and a good spot for lobster in the cargo of wood planks the small size of her after house made penetration difficult if not dangerous. A number of years ago a storm ripped open the house exposing the diesel and a number of brass gauges were recovered. She's still a good lobster dive but I find her far more interesting now. Lakeland can be reached at 973-887-0194 there are a few spots but it's filling fast.


Next Week. . . .(Busy Week)

Wednesday the 5 th - Atlantic Wreck Divers - Stolt 130' – The Stolt has been and continues to be an extremely popular destination. Although in 130' of water she sticks up to almost 65' and is an impressive sight in the usual good visibility that the sight often has.
Gene does still have a few spots available and he can be reached at 609-641-7722

Thursday the 6 th – Morning 8:00am departure : OPEN – Fish 100' or less Just a small group of divers looking to fill their freezers, we have plenty of room and whether you're a hunter/gather, a collector of nautical “junque” as it's been called or just someone that wants to get out and wet you'll have a good time. Contact me directly at either 973-887-3337 or on my cell 201-401-4608

Thursday the 6 th - Evening : Ocean Wreck Divers – 1830 departure for a single tank dive on the reef Ocean Wreck Divers, the club that runs the Tom's River Flea market has me chartered for a one tank dive out on the reef with a 6:30 in the evening departure. Contact John G. at 732-233-0208 or email

Friday the 7 th - Lakeland Divers – Advanced Diver Check-Out Dives – Lakeland's Advanced Diver Course may start back at Dutch but graduates on the boat in the ocean. If you're looking to get out there may be some extra room, give Lakeland a call 973-887-0194 to check for availability.

Saturday the 8 th - Tridents – Fish The Tridents will again be terrorizing sea life with their unique brand of diving. As always with the Tridents we'll tie in for one and then spend the rest of the day doing “buoy dives” and visiting a number of spots.

Sunday the 9 th - Lakeland Divers – New Diver Special 8:00am departure - Lakeland will have extra staff on-board to assist divers new to North East diving. This will be an enjoyable laid back kind of a day so whether you're new to the North East or not come on out and enjoy. Lakeland can reached at 973-887-0194.


Dive Safe
Captain Al 

NOTE: One thing to keep in mind is that OPEN destinations are really just suggestions on my part, unless the trip is scheduled as a “Special” but If you have somewhere you want to get to let me know and if we have the divers and the weather that’s where we’ll head.


For any of the OPEN boats or if you'd like to get out on any day not listed I can be reached at either 973-887-DEEP (3337) or my cell 201-401-4608 Keep in mind that although The 2015 schedule is on-line there are very often additions to the published schedule.    

We are always looking to put together weekday trips. If you're intersted in diving during the week, let me know which day/days work for you and we will try to put a boat together.

We have established a divers e-mail list and if you'd like to be included send the message “ please add me to the SEA LION diver list ” to . If you are also available for weekday dives please include the words “ weekdays also ”. If you are only available for weekday dives please include "weekdays only ".

You'll receive information about up-coming dives and trip reports.


See Scrapbook for more pics!