The SEA LION is a diesel powered 36ft. Maine Coaster.

NOW docked at Hoffman's Marina West, Brielle New Jersey.
Slip E6 . . . (only 150' from our former location)
Click here for map of Marina

The SEA LION has a heated cabin which allows for the year round diving
that the boat is known for.

The Sea Lion is licensed to 16 and is prepared for any kind of diving; check out dives, half-day and whole-day trips, lobster dives and artifact dives. Everyone from the beginner diver to the advanced technical mixed-gas diver, will find the SEA LION suitable for all their North East diving needs. Full charters are still available on a very limited number of days this year. Individual spots aboard can either be obtained through the shops that have us chartered or AWD itself on "OPEN BOATS" which normally run to specific destinations during the months of November through March.
The SEA LION features a stainless steel "T" ladder built by
Enrique of Diving Equipment Specialities. This 10 rung ladder will make boarding after your dive a pleasure.

US Coast Guard Certified



Adventures on-board the SEA LION

dog . . .
Nemo says . . . We're Back . . . .

This Past Week

Seems what I thought was going to be a busy week didn't turn out that way as the weather was less than favorable

Thursday the 6 th – Morning – What great day; flat ocean, lots of fish and lobsters and good divers. We ran down to the Mohawk and were treated to 20 plus foot of visibility on the bottom. Surface vis. was poor but the 70 plus degree water made for extremely comfortable safety stops.

Friday the 7 th - Lakeland Divers – Advanced Diver Check-Out Dives – We were originally scheduled for an 8:00am departure but the weather was supposed to pick up in the afternoon so we switched to an earlier departure. As we left the inlet the ocean looked decent and I headed back to the Mohawk based on the previous days good conditions. As we approached the wreck the wind began to pick up and so did the seas. By the time we had everyone in the water it was starting to look ugly and by the time we recovered our divers it was ugly. I must say that although I admired the divers for saying that it would be OK to stay for two, rather than putting them back into what were becoming very poor conditions we chose discretion and pulled the hook after one.

The Next Few Weeks

I'll be taking the 15 th and 16 th off but will return on Thursday the 20th

Thursday the 20 th – Morning 8:00am departure : OPEN – Fish 100' or less Just a small group of divers looking to fill their freezers, we have plenty of room and whether you're a hunter/gather, a collector of nautical “junque” as it's been called or just someone that wants to get out and wet you'll have a good time. Contact me directly at either 973-887-3337 or on my cell 201-401-4608

Thursday the 20 th - Evening : Ocean Wreck Divers – 1830 departure for a single tank dive on the reef Ocean Wreck Divers, the club that runs the Tom's River Flea market has me chartered for a one tank dive out on the reef with a 6:30 in the evening departure. Contact John G. at 732-233-0208 or email

Saturday the 22 nd - Divers Two – Emerald / Rump 80' - The "Emerald" wreck is probably the Hibiscus , a wood-hulled twin-screw steamer built in 1864 and commissioned into the U.S. Navy at that time. She saw service during the Civil War out of Tampa and Key West Florida. She was decommissioned in 1866 and sold in New York; later renamed Francis Wright , then renamed back to Hibiscus . While cruising off the New Jersey coast she broke a propeller shaft, took on water, and sank. The “Rump” is one of the many wooden schooner barges that litter the bottom providing homes for sea bass and lobsters.

Sunday the 23 rd - Metuchen Underwater Divers M.U.D - destination TBA - Kerry reports that they'll most likely be heading to a wreck in less than 100 feet of water. Kerry can be reached at 908-513-6086 for details and availability.


Dive Safe
Captain Al 

NOTE: One thing to keep in mind is that OPEN destinations are really just suggestions on my part, unless the trip is scheduled as a “Special” but If you have somewhere you want to get to let me know and if we have the divers and the weather that’s where we’ll head.


For any of the OPEN boats or if you'd like to get out on any day not listed I can be reached at either 973-887-DEEP (3337) or my cell 201-401-4608 Keep in mind that although The 2015 schedule is on-line there are very often additions to the published schedule.    

We are always looking to put together weekday trips. If you're intersted in diving during the week, let me know which day/days work for you and we will try to put a boat together.

We have established a divers e-mail list and if you'd like to be included send the message “ please add me to the SEA LION diver list ” to . If you are also available for weekday dives please include the words “ weekdays also ”. If you are only available for weekday dives please include "weekdays only ".

You'll receive information about up-coming dives and trip reports.


See Scrapbook for more pics!